Sahra Kav Consulting Engineers (SKCE) was established in June 1980 with the aim of specialized activities in the field of geophysics and earth sciences by a team of experts including Iranian university professors and experts. In 1981, SKCE was officially recognized by the government of Iran as a geophysical consulting engineers’ firm.

Nowadays, Sahra Kav having the certificate of consulting competence in the fields of geophysics, oil and gas exploration and extraction studies, geotechnics, and road construction from the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Supervision with teams specializing in geophysics (engineering and oil and gas exploration), geology, geotechnics, road construction, water and wastewater engineering and related facilities, etc., is possessed of the advanced equipment and software and hardware facilities related to its work topics.

The company is highly accredited for exploiting advanced methods reaching out for explorative targets. SKCE has been actively engaged in numerous projects; our expertise
extends from engineering studies to hydrocarbon exploration projects in the E&P Sector.

More than 40 years of experience

With over 40 years of experience, SKCE has carried out more than 500 projects in various fields. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, designing, planning, supervision of surveys, data acquisition, processing and interpretation, laboratory tests, project management and consulting. Presently, SKCE proudly provides his clients’ with best services in four major categories of Geophysics, Oil & Gas Exploration & Extraction, Geotechnics & SoilMechanics, and Training.

Expert teams

The company possesses and benefits from expert teams of geophysicists, geologists, petroleum engineers, Civil Engineers and IT experts, along with advanced equipment and latest technical knowledge. In addition, within the years SKCE has successfully managed to accomplish both Iranian and foreign specialists in order to ascertain its missions.

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With more than 40 years of experience  in different fields

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Sahra kav company has carried out more than 500 hundred projects


Carrying out projects in five different countries